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Alcove Cupboards

built-in shaker style painted alcove cupboards

1, My alcove cupboards and bookcases are based on period examples, they are my own design. To operate a price list I have limited design options to those shown.

2. Your units will look like the cupboards in the portfolio and no other.

3, The units can be as wide as required with extra doors or wide frame or central dividers between doors.

3. The cupboard includes 1 interior shelf (extras available)

4, Bookcases include 3 shelves (extras available) Shelves are 45mm thick and pine fronted to prevent bowing. I also make chunky/floating shelves or shelves without a bookcase frame.

5, My doors are panelled and recessed as shown, hinges are seen and I use roller catches (not magnets) I include turned wood knobs, I'm happy to fit your choice of knob if provided.

6, I offer a small coice of door moulding, Period, 30's and Shaker

7, Access holes for cables are completed on site to your requirements.

8, Cupboards and bookcases are unlined and unbacked, there is no floor, the space inside the cupboard is wall to wall and floor to lid

9, Unpainted units are also unprimed. (-20%) Painted units receive 4 coats in total, 3 of which are completed off site. I use oil based eggshell paint as either brilliant white or as a base for colour matching. Colours are charged at cost.

10, Fitting takes 2 days for a standard pair of cupboards and bookcases. Larger units requiring extra doors etc can take longer to fit. All parts are made off site. All parts are made slightly too big to allow for accurate fitting on site.

Please see the prices and info on the contact page before requesting a visit.

Please ask any question you wish concerning any aspect of the work by email or phone. 

built-in classic pair of painted two door alcove cupboards and bookcases
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