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built-in pair of painted three door wardrobes
built-in pair of painted two door wardrobes
built-in painted under-eaves Shaker style wardrobe

1, Wardrobe internal depth is (where used for hanging rails) around 53cm internal and 56cm external.

2, I don't make drawers  but any shelving option is available so pls ask for pics

3, I include 2 shelves and 2 rails per unit (multi door units include a shelf per door)

4, My wardrobes are unbacked and there is no floor, internal space is wall to wall and floor to ceiling/lid)

5, Unpainted units are also unprimed

6, Wardrobes have panelled doors as shown, with or without mouldings as required

7, My skirting will not match yours, it'll meet it as shown

8, Units wider than 115cm will require a wider frame £0 or extra doors, (prices listed)

9, I tend to stand off from any ceiling cornice (if present) as shown. I can extend units to the ceiling if required, this costs slightly more and if you need top doors then these prices are listed. You'll likely need to have a specialist firm do any cornice work.

10, Please ask for my album of interior pics if required.

11, Please note to operate a price list I've had to standardise my design. Your units will look like those shown in this portfolio and no other, the design is my own based on period examples and is largely set in stone. I offer a few door mouldings, period, 30's and Shaker.

12, Please see the price list for basic and options costs. No Vat is payable.

13, I really don't make drawers 

built-in pair of classic painted two door wardrobes
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