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Alcove Cupboard and Bookcase Prices 2023

Wardrobe Price List below Alcove Cupboard Prices ↓

Cupboards and Bookcases

2 cupboards and 2 bookcases

Painted white, colours available.

Pair of units, (like the first picture) £2740 

Single 2 door unit,

(cupboard & bookcase)      £1470     


pair of cupboards               £1580

single cupboard                  £830 

2 full length bookcases      £1900 

Window seats from             £ 800   


2 door units up to 120cm wide (for wider units see below)


Oversize units may need either…

1, a wider frame                      £0

2, an extra centre support     £60   

3, 1 x extra door

(inc extra cupboard parts/materials) £300


Split bookcase (3 layers)        £250

Decorative corners/tops        £30 each

Extra bookcase shelf              £75

Floating shelves from             £100

25% discount if Unpainted 

No Deposit is required  

Prices are final prices (plus optional extras if selected)

No VAT,  I'm not VAT registered being a small business. Prices are as listed.

fitted pair of painted alcove cupboards and bookcases
fitted painted 2 door alcove cupboard
fitted, painted pair of 3 door alcove cupboards and bookcases
fitted painted full-length split bookcase

Wardrobe Prices 2023

A pair of 2 door wardrobes
4 shelves included in total 

Painted white, colours available.          


Pair of wardrobes,             £2560 

Single 2 door wardrobe    £1380 

I don’t make drawers but any internal shelving layout is possible, these are optional extras, with

2 shelves per unit included in the price. I have lots of pics of different options previous people have requested so please ask for pictures if you need inspiration.

Optional extras cost extra at the rates listed below. 

2 door units can be made up to around 115cm wide
Any width is possible with extra doors.


£530 per extra door

These prices include all the essential cupboard parts and 1 extra shelf per door.

Interior structural dividers are all included apart from those that are optional. such as.....

Pigeon-hole shelf         £42
Full width shelf               £60 
Long internal divider     £90
Short divider                   £50 
Top doors/per door       £260  

All hanging rails included as required           

25% discount if Unpainted

No Deposit is required  

Prices are final prices (plus optional extras if selected)

No VAT, I'm not Vat registered so there's none to pay.

fitted pair of painted two door wardrobes
fitted painted 3 door wardrobe
fitted pair of painted 3 door wardrobes
fitted painted 8 door wardrobe
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