built-in tall cupboard with two small bottom doors and two longer top doors
built-in utilities cupboard
built-in four door cupboard two small doors at bottom, two tall doors above
built-in gothic alcove cupboard with slots for speaker and hi-fi units for tv
built-in high alcove cupboards and shelving in kitchen
built in cupboard and bookcase unit either side of doorway from lounge to kitchen, chunky shelves above a three door cupboard and a single door cupboard
built-in pair of alcove cupboards with floating shelves above and shelving between cupboards
built-in pair of alcove cupboards with breakfront media shelving between them across firebreast, floating shelves above cupboards
built-in pair of wardrobes with high cupboards and shelving between them across firebreast
built-in alcove cupboard with media slot above doors and floating shelves above
built-in breakfront 4 door wardrobe with single alcove cupboards and decorative bookcases on either side
built-in larder shelving
built-in alcove cubby hole bookcase with three door top cupboards
built-in bedside alcove cupboards with book slots
built-in three door alcove cupboard and panelled toy box with hinged lid
built-in 3 door wardrobe, towel, airing cupboard in bathroom
built-in alcove cupboard and split bookcase with decorative scrolls
built-in 3 door 1930s style wardrobe with smaller panels at the top
built-in chunky bookcase in hall stairway
wall mounted bookcase with top cupboards and decorative features
built-in high cupboards with bespoke decorative shelving
wall to wall bookcase surrounding doorway
wall to wall bespoke decorative bookcase
built-in pair of alcove cupboards with split bookcases in decorative Victorian style
built-in 8 door alcove cupboard with 4 section bookcase above
wall mounted cubby hole bookcase
built-in floor to ceiling wardrobe with top doors and desk in attic bedroom
built-in L-shaped bookcase with cupboard base for office/study
built-in pair of 3 door alcove cupboards and split bookcases
bespoke studio work station
built-in small alcove cupboard below stained glass panel
built-in 4 door alcove cupboard with staggered bookcase shelving
built-in bespoke unit, wall to wall desk supported by 2 cupboards and with bookcase shelves above topped by 5 high cupboards
wall mounted, painted,display shelving unit for cups
built-in pigeon-hole chunky kitchen unit for storage and display