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built-in classic painted alcove bookcase
buily-in bookcase painted library shelves surrounding doorway
built-in painted chunky shelving bookcases, floating shelves

My bookcases have a plinth base, 6 shelves, a lid and have all my usual mouldings. Extra shelves are charged at the rate listed. Like my alcove cupboard bookcase they are unbacked. you'll see your back wall, this helps prevent damp and is the most traditional type. The shelf fronts are pine and are very strong, they are around 45mm thick. This maybe slightly thicker than others you may have seen but they resist bowing at this thickness as that is vital to the look and function. 

I make bookcases of all kinds, whole walls of shelving if needed. Library spaces, studies, hall units, larders, display spaces, etc. please see the pics. Wide spaces will require vertical dividers and this doubles the shelf quantity and the strength of the entire structure.

built-in painted bookcase in three sections
built-in classic painted split alcove bookcase
built-in painted shelving in alcove
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